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Wuhan Victory, China Victory

2020-03-09 15:41:31
     Since this year, the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has suddenly erupted throughout the country, and all parts of the country have quickly entered the "war epidemic" state, which started the people's war, general war, and blockade of the epidemic. In this war without gunpowder, facing the test of life and death, countless medical staff and people with lofty ideals stepped forward, took the initiative to fulfill their duties, went to the hardest, and went to the most dangerous places. They were the most beautiful retrogrades. In the face of the epidemic, in the face of inspection, we must assume our responsibilities. The company is returning to work soon, and we will go all out to deliver the order and complete the task with the fastest quality and quantity. Live up to our customers' trust and support. Come on in Wuhan! Go China!